Small Repairs

Small Repairs

  • Integral part of Lomond and Clyde Care & Repair.
  • Labour is provided free for Core Work - The only charge is for materials.
  • Core Work is classed as Home Safety/Security/Minor Works.
  • Available to all over 60 and disabled residents of West Dunbartonshire, regardless of tenure.
  • Small jobs including: joinery, minor electrical & plumbing jobs, changing light bulbs & curtains.
  • Definition of a small repair: approx. two hours or less e.g. replacing a broken light fitting/socket or fitting a small shelf, changing curtains etc.

Below is a sample of the works carried out by our small repairs team.


  • Fitting shelf
  • Fit threshold bars
  • Ease and Adjust Wooden doors
  • Repair/Replace door locks
  • Repair/Replace door handles
  • Fit curtain Rail
  • Fit blinds
  • Fit bathroom/kitchen utensils
  • Fit draught excluders
  • Fit ID Slots
  • Fit spy hole
  • Fit door Chain (wooden/PVC)
  • Replace hinges
  • Repair to wooden Fences/gates


  • Connect/Disconnect washing machine
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Fit tap inserts
  • Repair minor leaks
  • Re-seal sinks, showers, baths
  • Fit shower screen
  • Fit new plugs
  • Replace shower hoses/heads
  • Unblock sink

General Maintenance

  • Take down/Re-hang curtains
  • Move furniture
  • Uplift carpets
  • Secure loose carpet
  • Secure wires


  • Connect/disconnect electric cooker
  • Replace sockets/switches
  • Replace Light bulbs
  • Replace light fittings
  • Set electrical timers, clocks
*** Unfortunately we are unable to offer a service for gardening, painting and decorating, fitting carpets, repairing domestic appliances. ***

If you require other types of work that are not listed, please contact us and we will let you know if we can assist you and if we are unable to assist you we can refer you to reputable contractor from our trusted trader list or direct you to other source for help.

You can request small repairs by using the online form under the 'Request Repairs' tab on the main menu.


The flexibility of our Small Repair Service is the key to its success. West Dunbartonshire Council’s Social Work and Housing Departments regularly call on Care & Repair when all other options are ruled out.

Police Scotland also makes use of the Small Repair Team to upgrade Home security when the homes of vulnerable people have been burgled or in cases of domestic violence or bogus callers.

Our small repairs team can refer to Scottish Fire and Rescue on behalf of the client. Scottish Fire and Rescue will visit and provide a Free Fire Safety check and provide smoke alarms free of charge if required.

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  • Labour is provided free for C…

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